Women use hidden cameras to catch ‘world’s worst housemates’ stealing from them

From arguments about taking the bins out, to disputes over rent, having a housemate who you don’t necessarily get along with can be an absolute nightmare.

However, while most of us have experienced housemate difficulties at some point in our lives, two women were left dumbfounded after they allegedly caught their housemate stealing intimate items from them.

Jordan claims she caught her housemate Sarah, whose name has been changed, rummaging through her belongings after installing hidden camera to catch her in the act.

The 26-year-old says she set up the camera after a big, purple sex toy went missing and she later discovered it under Sarah’s pillow, before a number of other items also went missing.

“I just went to go ask [Sarah] a question, her door was open, and I saw my sex toy sticking out from under her pillow. I kind of just froze and I didn’t bring it up, I was so uncomfortable I didn’t bring it up. I pretended it never happened,” Jordan, from Dallas in Texas, claimed.

“I almost thought ‘maybe I gave it to her’, I tried to push [the thought] back down because I did not want to address it, I was too uncomfortable.”

Astonished Jordan told her other housemate, Katie, about the sex toy, only to discover that her dildo had gone missing too. This prompted the pair to confront Sarah, who said she had nothing to do with the missing vibrators.

Unconvinced by her argument, Jordan started going in Sarah’s room when she wasn’t around, and claims she found several stolen items belonging to her and Katie.

“I started to go into her room because you know what? I wanted to see what she was stealing because you can’t really keep track of all your things sometimes. You don’t know what you’re missing,” she said.

“That’s when I started finding my stuff and Katie’s stuff in her room, little things like make-up, nail polish, she took a ring, a necklace. She took Katie’s old school ID, which was really strange [and] she took a couple of books from me.”

Deciding that enough was enough, Jordan and Katie installed hidden cameras in their bedrooms to catch their light-fingered flatmate in the act – and they claim to have done exactly that.

After examining some of the secret footage, Jordan said: “Sarah would be going through my things, walking around [in my room]. She was going through my drawers, she would stop and stare off for a second, then she would go through another drawer.”

When the women confronted Sarah again, they claim she told them that taking sex toys was “just this thing I’ve done with all roommates” as part of an art project.

She allegedly told the pair that she would take polaroid photos of them and write narratives net to them as part of a project, however they say she failed to show them any evidence of this.

Jordan recalled: “I have other vibrators but I think that was the most accessible one as it’s the one I didn’t really use anymore. I remember she saw it in my room one time and said ‘oh my god that thing is huge’ and I replied ‘yeah it’s too big for me, I don’t really use it’. Maybe she thought that would be the ideal one to take.

“I had another one in my room and she picked it up. The way she was looking all around it was like she was looking for leftover stuff I guess, it was really gross.

“Katie took hers back but I never saw mine again. When I pushed her to see the art project, she never showed us.

“I think she was using the vibrators. I think maybe she was selling them. I used to feel really sleazed out by it, now I’ve moved past it. She’s got a weird kink for other people’s vibrators.”

However, things came to a head between the women after Jordan left to go and visit her poorly step-mum, and claims to have caught Sarah in her room while she wasn’t there.

Text messages appear to show Sarah admitting to snooping in the other girls’ rooms, but insisting they went in her room too – however the other women claim they only went in to retrieve their own items.

Sarah has since moved out of the shared home.