Man says his girlfriend doesn’t ‘value’ herself over her choice of bikini

A woman has spoken of her frustration after her boyfriend told her she should be dressing more modestly.

Posting anonymously on Reddit, the woman explained how her boyfriend, whom she’s been in a relationship with for five years, believes that the more modestly a woman dresses, the more they value themselves.

So when she bought herself new bikini bottoms (in a Brazillian style), he was less than impressed.

Sharing her story on the r/relationships thread, she said: “I recently got new bikini bottoms that I believe are ‘Brazilian cut’ which means they show more of my booty cheeks.

“It’s not a thong and covers a lot of my bum still. I myself do not like exposing myself all that much but these new bottoms really make me feel good about how I look in the mirror!

“My boyfriend genuinely thinks that the more you cover up, the more you value yourself. He hates when people look at me. At the same time – this man will mow the lawn shirtless, wear short shorts and even pull his swim trunks up to tan at the pool.

“I don’t know how else to explain this to him. I have told him that if he doesn’t like my bikini bottoms, that he doesn’t have to wear them. I don’t care what other people think. they’re going to look at me no matter what I’m wearing. I’m a 20-year-old female.”

“I’m tired of being seen by my own boyfriend as somebody who doesn’t ‘value’ themselves all because I don’t wear the most modest things out there,” she said.

But then he told her that she’d need to “cover up” in front of his brother when they all go on holiday together…

“We’re going on vacation with his older brother and my bf had asked me repeatedly if I am going to wear that in front of him.

“I have responded with, ‘If you need me to cover up myself to make you comfortable with me hanging out with your brother, that reflects more on him than it does on me’.

“I want to reiterate that I don’t dress like a stripper. All my parts are covered and more.”

After sharing her story online, the majority of Reddit users urged her to “break up” with him.

But after she told her boyfriend how he made her feel, he apologised, and they “patched things up.”