Man says his girlfriend doesn’t ‘value’ herself over her choice of bikini

A woman has spoken of her frustration after her boyfriend told her she should be dressing more modestly. Posting anonymously on Reddit, the woman explained how her boyfriend, whom she’s been in a relationship with for five years, believes that the more modestly a woman dresses, the more they value themselves. So when she bought […]


Pavard and Danilo incidents at Euro 2020 highlight concussion failings

Euro 2020’s concussion controversy started with Benjamin Pavard. The France full-back said he had been “a little knocked out” after a collision with Germany’s Robin Gosens, but he played the remaining half an hour of his team’s 1-0 victory. Six days later and it was Christoph Baumgartner of Austria who received a blow to the […]


Differences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease research

A UCLA-led study comparing brain cells known as astrocytes in humans and mice found that mouse astrocytes are more resilient to oxidative stress, a damaging imbalance that is a mechanism behind many neurological disorders. A lack of oxygen triggers molecular repair mechanisms in these mouse astrocytes but not in human astrocytes. In contrast, inflammation activates […]


NY Fed’s Williams says recovery may be ‘choppy’ as U.S. economy returns to full strength

Some shifts in the labor market, including early retirements or people changing jobs, may lead to bumps in the recovery as the U.S. economy continues to heal from the coronavirus crisis, New York Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams said on Monday. “We’re going to get to full strength, I’m not doubting that,” Williams said […]


Amazon’s latest Alexa trick is helping kids read

Amazon has announced a new feature for its Kids Plus service on Fire tablets and Echo smart speakers called Reading Sidekick. Designed to help kids improve their reading skills and ability, the Reading Sidekick allows kids to read either physical or digital books along with Alexa by taking turns at reading the books aloud with […]


Women use hidden cameras to catch ‘world’s worst housemates’ stealing from them

From arguments about taking the bins out, to disputes over rent, having a housemate who you don’t necessarily get along with can be an absolute nightmare. However, while most of us have experienced housemate difficulties at some point in our lives, two women were left dumbfounded after they allegedly caught their housemate stealing intimate items […]